Scott Moninger

Scott Moninger

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St. Louis, Missouri

PCG Master Coach
USAC Level 2 Coach

Coaching Focus: Road, Crit, TT


I entered the world of cycling at the young age of 11 with a brief stint in BMX. After a few years I was frustrated at my lack of success in the short bursts required in BMX racing, especially when I could ride circles around other kids my age during long weekend training rides. Then, as fate would have it, I had just completed a full custom build on a new BMX bike when two weeks later the bike was stolen. I decided maybe it was time to graduate to road bikes, and since my father was a weekend warrior masters racer, the transition from dirt to pavement was a pretty smooth one. I rode my first century when I was 14, which coincidentally was also my first serious bonk. Thankfully my road cycling career didn't end there, but went on to span twenty-seven years (seventeen of them as a professional) and over thirty countries. During all those years I never broke a single bone in my body, racing or training!

I think my interest in coaching was just a natural evolution from racing professionally and serving as a professional team director. It seemed like a natural landing spot for me as a way to share my racing/training knowledge and experience with others. So I joined Peaks Coaching Group in 2009.

Outside of cycling, I am passionate about music (I've played the drums since I was in fifth grade), travel (domestically alone, I've been to every state except Alabama), and the great outdoors. Also, I’m right-handed, yet I write with my left hand.

Coaching philosophy

My professional cycling experience helps me convey to my clients the importance of high-quality workouts coupled with high-quality active recovery. Having raced and trained with a power meter during my career, I recognized and learned firsthand the importance of the power meter, and now, with such in-depth understanding of power, I can translate data to all skill levels of athletes, from novice to professional. I believe that one of my most important talents as a coach is my ability to listen to, monitor, and analyze each client to create a completely customized program.

Notable achievements
  • Won nearly every road race in North America; over 275 career victories, the most by any American rider at the time of his retirement
  • Represented the U.S. in two world road championships
  • Ranked #1 on the U.S. circuit on two occasions: 1992 (age 25) and 2005 (age 38)
  • 2008 full-time director for Toyota United professional cycling team, winning over seventy events
  • Announced the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France with NBC Sports
  • National brand ambassador for Speedplay pedals
Athlete testimonials

Scott has always been a wealth of information and provided excellent guidance. Scott is very accessible and he frequently e-mails and sends me texts in between our weekly telephone chats. His workouts are easy to understand and if any question comes up he answers me very quickly. Scott has had to play the role of sports psychologist more than the usual careful analysis of power files the last few months. I look forward to ramping my training back up again and setting a whole new set of goals to achieve. I am confident with Scott's help that I can get back to the low weight and fitness level I was at before.  - Justin, Georgia

Scott has been the greatest asset to my cycling. I feel very lucky to work with one of the greatest cyclists in U.S. history. His passion for cycling and seeing his people succeed is what makes Scott so special to work with. He really helps me find the true balance of working hard on and off the bike but also the recovery. His open communication has been so important to making sure that I am getting the most out of every ride and also that I learn to listen to my body and make adjustments where there need to be. His knowledge of training from all those years of being a pro makes him such a great coach and a huge asset to anyone who comes in contact with Scott. I have learned so much from Scott, and I am stronger and more confident on the bike than I have ever been. Scott, thanks for all your dedication and hard work as my coach. - Sean McQueary, St Johns Cycling Team, three-time Missouri State Time Trial champion

Scott is a very detail-oriented and hands-on coach and provides superior quality in his coaching....I was surprised that he knew the weather on my training days before I did, finding that my training was so customized to the area that I train on my TrainingPeaks calendar. He caters to my athletic life and carefully considers its impact on my home and work life and vice-versa. Its pretty remarkable how everything just seems so synchronized with weather, work, and my athletic life....I enjoy training so much more and feel rested and ready for my workouts day-to-day now that Scott is my coach!  - Amity Elliot, Team Kenda

Following open heart surgery, I was unsure if I would be able to return to competitive cycling any time soon. While my doctors were optimistic about me one day being active, the idea of racing again was a "take it as it comes" proposition. I was introduced to Scott through a mutual acquaintance and must admit that I was initially intimidated to even consider asking such a decorated and accomplished athlete like Scott Moninger to help me get back on the bike and to the starting line. However, I was overwhelmingly surprised from the first telephone conversation onward how down-to-earth Scott was and how he was genuinely excited to work me back to cycling health. He did make me promise not to die on him during training, however. With his patience, tremendous knowledge, and appreciation for my personal health situation, Scott not only got me back into racing within three months of working with him, he also created a cadre of friends and teammates who questioned whether I really had open heart surgery eight months prior to finishing a very challenging event. The elite athletes of any sport don't always make the best coaches. However, Scott shatters that stereotype. His calm demeanor, personal attention, empathy, and wealth of training and racing knowledge provide an unparalleled competitive advantage to anyone who works with him. Not to mention, if you have an NRC race on your schedule, Scott can help you successfully navigate the course... because he's likely won that race.  - Michal Gnatek, Master's 45+, Evolution Cycling p/b Long & Foster

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