Steve McGregor

Stephen McGregor, Ph.D.

Saline, Michigan

PCG Master Coach
USAC Level 1 Coach
USAC Power Certified Coach/Instructor
USAC Faculty: Level 1 Interval Training Instructor
USAC Faculty: Level 2 Sports Sciences Instructor
South African Cycling Power Certified Instructor
Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

Coaching Focus: Road, MTB, CX, Tri, Running


I have a strong science background. The most important thing, though, is that that background is directly related to performance, and in particular endurance performance. From my papers and presentations on performance to the fact that I teach undergraduate and graduate exercise physiology on a daily basis, the science of performance is part of my essence. Building on that science background, I've has been fortunate enough to work inside the USA Cycling system, where I teach other coaches about physiology, training in general, and power training. In fact, as of November 2007, most coaches who have earned (and every coach who will earn) USAC's power certification will have had me as an instructor. I also teach approximately 50-70% of all USAC coaches at Level 2 and above certification. I also give ad hoc presentations on “myths of training,” as well as other training-specific presentations.

I am a former elite-level racer, and I still participate in masters racing at the regional level. This practical experience keeps my scientific ideas and insight grounded in the reality of day-to-day training and racing, and it helps provide a balance with regard to the abstract (science) and concrete (racing). When it’s all said and done, the science doesn't matter if it doesn't help you go faster!

Coaching philosophy

I strive to strike a balance between science and pragmatism. I base all my training approaches on sound principles of exercise physiology, but you and I must determine together what works for you in particular on an individual basis. Although scientific principles are generally applicable, some athletes just respond better to one particular approach over another. Therefore, I look at each athlete individually and try to evaluate each one's strengths and weaknesses from a physiological perspective while watching for things that make each one unique. This approach dictates constant, diligent data collection and interpretation. Power meters (for cycling) and GPSes or accelerometers (for running/triathlon) are a must. The technology is not intended to make you a slave to the numbers, but is simply to quantify your response to training and racing in order to optimize your performance. I provide this individualization based on technology from the insight and experience I've gained over more than fifteen years of coaching experience, in particular with power and GPS for fifteen years, and with accelerometry for five years.

Specialties and notable achievements
  • Former Cat I cyclist/Varsity Inter-collegiate athlete
  • Active research in areas relevant to training and performance
  • Inventor of NGP/rTSS system
  • Physiological adviser to US Olympic BMX team
  • Physiological adviser to Eastern Michigan Men’s cross country/distance track team
  • Coauthor of the book The Runner's Edge

Athlete testimonials

Steve is the best thing that's happened to me since meeting my wife. - Jon, New Jersey

I started working with Dr. McGregor when I was 19. I was a freshman at the University of Colorado, and right off my first trip to Europe with the US Junior National Team. He was referred from within the National Team program, which made things easy going forward. From there, Steve was a cornerstone in my steady development through the U23 ranks, three years on US Continental Teams, and now to the World Tour. His long-term plan for me not only gave me year-to-year physical progression, which in my case involved navigating many setbacks, but also included mental development and training education. Unfortunately I am unable to work with Steve this coming year, but I have confidence that he has left me with enough training knowledge that I can have an educated say in what works for my training and what does not going forward. Thank you Steve and Peaks Coaching Group for your support throughout the years, and for guiding me to the start of hopefully a long career in cycling. - Carter Jones, Colorado, Giant-Shimano Team

Without a doubt, hiring Coach Stephen McGregor has been the best cycling-related expenditure I have ever made. After using a power meter and WKO software on my own for three years, I hit a fitness plateau. I work full time, but I also race Pro 1/2 and compete at masters nationals every year, so I was looking for a way to get the most training stimulus for my time while still keeping a balance between work, cycling, and family. Coach Steve has helped me to find that balance. I can tell he really cares about my training and my race results. He believes in my ability even when I have attacks of self-doubt. I would not want to work with anyone else. He coaches the whole person by taking into account major external stressors that affect us. I trust him completely with my fitness. Before hiring a coach, I did not realize how much mental energy I wasted each week fretting about my training plans. Now with Coach Steve, I just log into TrainingPeaks each morning, read my workout plan, and go knock it out. Thanks, Steve! - John Hart, Tennessee

Words cannot describe the astounding relationship I have with my coach, Stephen McGregor. For the past four years, we have built a platform of trust, respect, and honesty that has fostered my personal growth both on and off the bike. I consider Steve one of my closest friends, and I simply cannot imagine being a competitive cyclist without his guidance, insight, and psychological support. He has challenged me to rise beyond my limitations as I continue to build toward my full potential. Steve is an extremely gifted and talented coach, and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me over the years. - Mark Santurbane, Cal Giant cycling team

I joined Peaks Coaching Group after a lot of thought, because I did not want to be disappointed. The best decision I have ever made with regard to my biking fitness. After selecting my personal coach, Steve McGregor, I have gone from being an ordinary rider to a top-ten, then top-five, and now podium rider. Last year I raced nine races in my category and came away with five podiums, three fourth places, and one eighth place, and that was after being in a two-man breakaway and being caught 300 meters from the line! I could not have achieved those results without Steve. He prepares me to be in peak form for my races every time. I am looking forward to more solid performances! - Henry Hayes, South Africa

I began working with Steve in the winter of 2005/2006. I discovered cyclocross in the fall of 2006, and that is when the real problems began. My two favorite forms of bike racing are cyclocross and endurance mountain bike racing, which are not exactly compatible from a training perspective. With Steve’s guidance and understanding of my family/work constraints, my cycling evolved rapidly. Throughout the past years, Steve has provided incredible guidance and insight into making my performances better each year. Together we have altered the program along the way to accommodate my work and family schedules. The strength/core conditioning that we have now incorporated into my regimen has been invaluable in improving my on-bike performance. - Andy Klumb, Ohio

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