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As the world of power training continues to grow, athletes need different kinds of support. If one-on-one coaching is not for you, perhaps an hour or two with one of our expert coaches is what you need. As the experts in power training, and motion analysis, we can offer you a tremendous amount of coaching talent and expertise in all disciplines of cycling and triathlon. 

Whether you have a few basic questions or are looking for a complete detailed analysis of your heart rate, or motion data, we've got you covered. 
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Elite-level consultants
Looking to review a training plan? Want to know more about what's your best CTL for your peak event? Our elite-level consultants have a wealth of coaching expertise and experience, and they would love to consult and work with you on your unique training question.
Bart Lipinski: Road | CX | MTB | TT
Bill BrunnerRoad | Crit | TT | CX | Running
Bill Gros: Road | Crit | CX | MTB | Gran Fondos | Gravel Grinders
Brian Freeze: MTB | Road | CompuTrainer | ErgVideo
Brian Murphy: Masters Road | CX | MTB | TT
Charles Gary Hoffman: Road | Crit | TT | CX | Strength Training
Cort Cramer: Road | CX | Running | Analysis
Cris Solak: Tri | Swimming | Running | Road | Analysis
David Ertl: Road | MTB | CX | TT
David Sellers: Road | CX
Earl Zimmerman: Road | CX | analysis
Gordy Paulson: Road | CX | Analysis | CompuTrainer
Jordan Whiley: Road | MTB 
Julie McKenzie: Road | Crit | TT
Karen Mackin: Tri | Swimming | Running | Road | Analysis 
Len Pettyjohn: Masters | Road | Race Tactics
Mandy Gallagher: Road | MTB | CX
Rachael Zambrano: Tri | Swimming | Running
Randy Catron: Ultra Endurance Cycling | Road
Randy Gaffney: Road | Cyclocross | Mountain bike
Sam Krieg: Road | Cyclocross | Running
Todd Scheske: Road | Juniors | Race Tactics

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Associate-level consultants
All of our coaches are happy to work with you on an hourly basis. Maybe you've worked one-on-one with one of our coaches in the past and now just want an annual review, or perhaps you  want some local race advice from a coach near you. We are here to help!  Simply select your coach of choice from the pull down window. 
Mike Bolza: MTB | CX | Gravel | Juniors | CompuTrainer
Patricia Brant: Tri | Swimming | Running | Road
R.L. Hesson: Road | Crit | TT | CX
Ainslie MacEachran: Road | Crit | CX | MTB
Rick Shultz: Road | Crit | MTB | Strength Training | Core
Jaime Tolentino: Road | Endurance MTB | Track | Masters

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