Todd Scheske

Todd Scheske

  • Cycling Coach
  • Cycling Camp
Rochester, New York

PCG Elite/Master Coach
USAC Level 1 Coach
LEOMO Motion Analysis Certified Coach

Coaching Focus: Road, Crit, TT, Track, CX, Juniors


I started bike racing as a junior thirty seasons ago and advanced to a category 1 elite level. Over the past twenty-plus years I've founded four different elite cycling teams and served as the program director and team director for these teams, along with promoting bike safety and healthy lifestyles to youth in community programs. I also run a successful junior program and have produced several junior cycling camps, of which the past few editions have been part of the USA Cycling Talent ID program.

I have coached many athletes to achieving their individual goals, including several to the category 1 level. My experience as an elite level racer, coach, USA Cycling official, team director, and event organizer all contribute to a holistic approach that can provide you with the tools you need to navigate not only your training, but also the associated racing aspects of our sport.

Coaching philosophy

Coaching athletes of all levels of competition is extremely gratifying work, and I thoroughly enjoy learning each of my individual athletes and participating in their successes with them. I work with athletes who train with and without power meters, because while I believe power meters are valuable tools, it is a rider's skills in strategy, tactics, and racing that makes the winning difference.

I encourage an environment that allows my athletes to discover their athletic potential while building self-confidence through accomplishment with integrity and hard work. Part of that process is realizing that success is not always an upward trend; it can include setbacks and difficulties to be overcome, but that is what makes success satisfying, after all: when it is earned. I expect my athletes to be active participants in our planning, and it is important that we have mutual respect and trust for each other. I believe athletes are most successful when they take training and racing seriously but have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Notable achievements
  • Cat 1 racer
  • Winner of several masters national medals in both road and track
  • Several state road championships and regional wins
  • Raced in international races in the Caribbean and South America, in addition to races around the U.S.
Athlete testimonials 

Todd is an excellent choice for a coach if you have lofty goals in regards to your cycling aspirations. His approach to helping you reach your goals is thorough and measured and realistic. His ability to “read” the data from your training is incredible. The overall training plan is designed to deal with your “limiters” and is cohesive and understandable. Todd’s first hand experience of racing at a high level has proved invaluable… while I feel few coaches can write a training plans that are as productive as Todd’s, there are plenty that are quite capable, but few that can bring the value added of tactical racing insights and logistical preparations like Todd. Let me give you my example in a nutshell. A year ago my wife and I decided on the heels of a reasonably successful master’s track national championships that we would give it a go at the UCI masters track world championships in Manchester, U.K. the following October. My wife wisely insisted on hiring Todd to coach me if we were going to expend the effort and resources to go to worlds and hope to podium or win. Todd looked at all my training data for the previous year and came up with an overall plan for medaling in two events: the scratch race and the pursuit and even came up with a time goal for the 2K pursuit: 2:23. To make a long and amazingly fun story short I won three gold medals at UCI worlds this October. I won the scratch race, the team pursuit and the individual pursuit. Guess what my time was in the pursuit finals… 2:23 on the nose. - Russell Murphy, 2015 UCI Masters World Track Champion

I have been working with Todd for just over 17 months now and I can honestly say I have seen the biggest improvement in my racing/riding performance in this short period of time then the last 13 years of bike racing! Up until Todd came on board I spent years struggling with lack of direction or progression with training schedules that did not seem to match me or even work for me. The beauty of working with Todd is that he knows how to tailor programmes specific to your needs as a cyclist and has an incredible ability for identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then how to enhance things. My power output has gone up considerably since working with Todd, as well as my self-belief in my ability to be successful in large European pelotons. Todd also has a great sense of humor, a down to earth approach and a positive nature that is totally infectious. If you are looking to make big gains with cycling, I can without a doubt recommend Todd as a coach. - Genevieve Whitson

In nine months of coaching, I've improved beyond my expectations. I'm very excited to see how much I can keep improving, especially beyond my perceived limits. - Chak, Missouri

Todd is a top-notch coach and has been an invaluable part of my training progression. - Bob, New York

Todd is awesome. I would highly recommend him to any serious cyclist that wishes to up their game. - Sean, New York

Working with Todd helped me to achieve my potential as a cyclist. With him, I was able to gain my Cat 1 and race competitively at a national and international level. Todd is a great mentor and teacher in the sport and is always available to talk about the tactics of race day and training. His program is dynamic and customized to your life and racing goals, which allows for a work-life-riding balance. Todd has a true passion for the sport and the people he works with. It was a pleasure working with him. - Jeff Zygo

Todd developed a program for me resulting in two fundamental differences in my racing: a great start to the season, and optimism and confidence that this season will be my best. Before designing the program, Todd interviewed me for about an hour regarding my goals. He then designed a progressively challenging program enabling me to reach fitness levels on the bike that I've never attained before. But that was only part of the experience, as it was much more. Todd really cares about his clients, he monitored my progress, he provided guidance, and, most importantly, he gave me encouragement and that kick start when needed. Thank you! - Jack Kaperski

Todd helped me from the moment I began racing at the GVCC Tuesday night training races. He helped me with all aspects of my cycling and life as I progressed from a Cat 5 to a Cat 1. Todd helped me focus, not only in my training but also in other important aspects of cycling. He was always there to talk about tactics, nutrition, and mental motivation. I had many moments in my career when I was down because of a result, and Todd was there to help me through the low points. On one specific occasion I remember thinking I could pull a result in a time trial but instead got twentieth, so I decided I was just going to quit the sport. Todd talked me through it and remotivated me, and I ended up winning the next stage. I think another key to my success was the fact that we worked on my weaknesses but developed race strategies based on my strengths. The approach that I ended having through Todd’s view on tactics is almost like chess; we would always try and predict how a race would play out beforehand. We would make a game plan and stick with it. You cannot win every race, but if you come prepared, you can definitely win more. Todd is very interactive with his clients; for instance, in 2010 I was training a lot to get ready for some early season NRC races. I raced Valley of the Sun on little rest, which was the plan. I did well, and there was a race two weeks later in Las Vegas that I really wanted to do well at. Instead of just leaving my training plan as it was, Todd altered it to give me some rest before the race. I ended up winning the first stage, taking the overall, and coming in fourth in the time trial. Second place on GC was Floyd Landis, and it is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I owe some of that to Todd. - Michael Mathis

Working with Todd over the last two years has been integral in helping me reach my cycling goals. Part of the challenge of Master's racing is trying to achieve big goals in a way that is realistic and do-able for people that have a "real life"; this must be taken into account in order for any training program to have the desired effect. Todd understands that, and was great about helping me find effective ways to train around the inevitable obstacles. I also really appreciated his readiness to answer my questions, as well as the sound scientific knowledge and wealth of experience he had to offer. He was always available when I needed additional input, especially leading up to and during key events and competitions. Over this last year in particular, while training with Todd, I have accomplished more than I could have imagined...including 4 World Records and a World Championship, as well as a Silver and Bronze at Master's Track Worlds. Thanks Coach Todd!  - Lenita Anthony

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