CHILE 2018

Winter/Spring Cycling Camp in Chile

February 11-17, 2018

Camp type:
  • Road cycling (mountain bike and tri athletes are welcome)
  • Endurance and mid-intensity paced rides
  • 40-85 miles of daily riding with two pace groups
  • Daily power file reviews, and advanced learning by Hunter Allen
  • Double Occupancy: $3499
  • Single Occupancy: Additional $500
  • Alumni Campers: $100 Discount
  • Early bird Discount: $100  
if booking by November 1, 2017

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Who should attend:
  • Competitive recreational cyclists and above
  • Riders seeking performance improvement in a gran fondo, event, or category racing
  • Riders able to ride for extended periods of time at 16 mph and above
  • We will break into different groups based on pace, so don’t worry, you won’t be held up by slower riders nor will you be forced to ride at a pace that’s too hard. 
  • Anyone that wants to ride their bicycle in a beautiful location!

Cycling in beautiful Chile

A perfect place for a spring camp. Beautiful cycling, wonderful accommodations, great food and all the coaching tips to make you an even better cyclist. 

Join Hunter this spring in Chile, where we partner with Cycle Chile, owned by long time friend, Dieter Drake, and promoter of the largest amateur bike race in the US, the Tour of the Battenkill. This will be a trip you’ll want to be on! 

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General camp information:

People and Language
Chile is a Spanish-speaking country and you should try and learn a few basic words
and phrases ahead of your trip. There are some iPhone and Android translation apps
that you might find useful as well. Our staff is at the very least able to speak basic
Spanish, and one staff member is completely fluent in Spanish to help get through
difficult conversations. Most people in restaurants, shops, etc. speak some English.
The people of Southern Chile are very friendly and are very happy to have you as
guests in their country. Please ("por favor") and thank you ("much as gracias") are
always welcome by merchants and vendors.

We think you'll find that the Lakes Region compares very well to the Northeast US as
it's at similar, though Southern latitudes. Small cities are on the volcanic lakes which
are mostly surrounded by rolling farmland. The Andes Mountains are always in view
to the west with several volcanoes obvious throughout the tour. There are
numerable scenic pull offs for photos and refueling. We'll visit volcanic lakes, thermal
spas, lakeside resort towns, and will sample everything in between on our week-long
adventure on bicycles.

You'll find that Southern Chile is very modern and particularly oriented toward
tourists and tourism. The infrastructure, hotels, and restaurants are very
contemporary and built around the tourism industry in general. The entire region
was settled by Germans in the late 1800s and you'll find German-inspired buildings,
food, roads, and place names.

Restaurants and cafes all cater to foreign travelers with common dishes & drinks,
though with unique Chilean flavors and choices. Tipping is recommended between
10-20% (sometimes it's included in the bill, so look closely at the bill).
Shops generally line most of the city streets that we'll visit, and you'll find very
favorable prices on most items. Though you'll find many familiar brands and shops,
you'll encounter many locally-made products and fares unique to Southern Chile.

The Tour is a 7 day, 7 night cycling adventure in Southern Chile and Northern
Patagonia. We'll be riding between 50 and 80 miles per day on rolling terrain and
good roads (mostly paved, though there may need some gravel).

Road Conditions
Southern Chile is a rapidly growing area with a major focus on domestic and
international tourism. The roads are generally in very good condition as they do not
suffer from extreme winters and pavement breakup. Many have bike lanes and
shoulders for cycling. Traffic is generally low.

Ride Logistics
We'll depart the various tour hotels each morning after meeting at breakfast to
discuss the day ahead and providing maps and cue sheets, and after checking your
bicycles and gear. We will be providing 2 minivans and drivers to support riders each
day of the tour and to provide on the road lunches and snacks, mechanical support,
and rides to the destination hotels each day if necessary. Support cars and drivers
may not be immediately available to you on the rides, so you should be prepared to
change a tube or do minor bicycle adjustments as needed should they not be within
range. A support car will always follow the last rider. We will provide cell phone
numbers for drivers just in case.

Rules of the Road
Laws for cyclists in Chile are generally the same as in the US. Please be prepared to
follow all traffic signals and signs, etc, which you will find very similar to signs in the
US. You should always ride single file in traffic and 2 abreast only without overtaking
traffic and as far to the right as possible.

Chileans take their school zones VERY seriously and you will notice an abundance of
road markings and signage as you approach school zones. Please be respectful and
mindful of these areas in particular.

Hunter Allen will be coaching you through the week. It’s very likely that he’ll also bring one of his other coaches on this trip to keep the coach/athlete ratio just right. Hunter will be working with you on the bike and then working with you in the “classroom” to download and analyze your power files, along with giving you advice on your cycling, upcoming winter riding and 2018 goals. This will be a unique opportunity to work with one of the most sought after coaches in the world. 

Down time: 
You will have down time each day to explore, visit local sights and we’ll build in some unique visits as well. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to do touristy things as well!

Your bike:
Please bring a recently serviced and clean bike to camp. We can do small repairs, but if you haven’t had your drive train looked at for 3 years, then get that changed out before you come. We’ll do some climbing and recommended gearing is 39: 26 or 39:27. Please don’t bring your Triathlon bike, as it will be tough to get up some of the climbs and no need for your $6000 whizz bang wheels either. Just some nice, reliable wheels will work great. 

November is mid-spring in Southern Chile and you can expect average high temps in
the 60s and 70s, and in the 40s at night. Bring clothing for the extremes. The sun is
particularly bright during sunny days in the Southern Hemisphere and you should be
prepared to use sunscreen daily. You should also be prepared for rainy days, though
the weather is fairly predictable with the nearby Pacific Ocean weather being
tempered by the Andes Mountains just miles to the west.

Routes & Activities: 

DAY 1 - Arrive
Airport: Temuco (ZCO)

Arrive at Temuco Airport (ZCO), meet our staff member for our shuttle 1 hour to the lakeside resort city of Pucón at the base of Volcano Villarica. After checking into the hotel, enjoy the shops and restaurants and visit the black sands at the beach on Lago Villarica. We’ll unpack your bikes, hopefully in time for a short tour of the nearby lakes and waterfalls just outside of town. We’ll meet for a kickoff dinner at 7 in town!
Hotel: Hotel Hiancahue
Included Meals: Dinner

DAY 2 
65 miles // 4500 ft.
We’ll load your gear into the vans after breakfast at the hotel and depart on bicycle
along volcanic Lake Villarica toward the small, lakeside city of Villarica. From Villarica
we climb out of the lake valley toward the resort town of Licán Ray on the shores of
Lago Calafquen. Enjoy the views of Volcano Villarica as we round the lake and ride
west toward the City of Panguipulli on Lago Lafquen.
Hotel: Puchaley Lafquen
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 3 
85 miles // 4000 ft.
Rolling countryside and farmland awaits as we depart from Panguipulli. We’ll follow
Rio San Pedro for much of the morning before a lunch on the road near Lago Ranco
in the heart of the Lakes Region. We’ll arrive on the west end of the lake and the
small village of Llifen, then follow the Calcurrupe River 7 miles to the rustic
Mavidahue Lodge owned for generations by the Vasquez Family.
Hotel: Mavidahue Lodge
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 4 
115/70 miles // 5900/3500 ft.
Two distance options are available to us today as we continue our bicycle journey
southward. Choose the longer, 115 mile option and your first 25 miles or so are on
dirt along Lago Puyehue. We’ll shuttle everyone else to the western slopes of
Volcano Puyehue and the open farmland at the foothills of the Andes. We’ll cross
Rio Chirre and head back upstream to Lago Puyehue and the hot springs at the base
of the volcano.
Hotel: Hotel Termas Puyehue Wellness & Spa Resort
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 5 
52 miles, 2000 ft.
It’s a recovery day for us of sorts, as we rest from the previous long day in the saddle
and we prepare for our epic ascent of Volcano Osorno tomorrow. We’ll head west
back along the lake to the small city of Entre Lagos, then south through cattle farms
to Lago Rupanco the 2nd most southern volcanic lake of the Lakes Region. Well head
back west to the merger of Rio Rahue and Rio Coihueco, then south to our riverside
lodging for the evening just north of the resort town of Puerto Octay. Rest the legs -
tomorrow is a big day!
Hotel: Los Lingues Lodge
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

66 miles // 6400 ft.
It’s a big day for us on the bike…the ascent of Volcano Osorno awaits! We make our
way south with the Andes Mountains to our left and the waters of Lago Lliancuhue to
our right. Climb from the lake through rainforest to the volcanic, open landscape
that is Volcano Osorno reminiscent of Mont Ventoux in France – the fabled
moonscape climb often featured in the Tour de France. Steep, switchbacks to 20%
grade near the top bring us to the small ski area base lodge and the snow-capped
Osorno just steps away. Enjoy the views! We shuttle back down the lake and ride
back to the hotel to enjoy local cuisine and drink as we retell our epic day among
Hotel: Lodge las Cascadas
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

40 miles // 2100 ft.
Our final day is a promenade along the blue waters of Lago Lliancuhue with several
opportunities along the lake for photos of Volcano Osorno in the background. 19th
Century German colonization is apparent in the architecture of Puerto Varas - this
small Northern Patagonia city on the lake! Enjoy the shops and restaurants, the
waterfront, and the warm hospitality of Southern Chile!
Hotel: Solace Hotel (available for showers only)
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch (unless catching an early flight home)


Airport: Puerto Montt (PMC)
Unless staying extra days in Southern Chile, we’ll help pack your bike and will provide a shuttle to the nearby Puerto Montt airport for a Friday afternoon departure.

 * The tour schedule and hotels are subject to change

What is included in your camp package: 
  • There will be a mix of hotels and cabanas along the way, all are at least 3 star and some are super nice 4-5 star! The cabanas are fun, family run and the food is aaamazing!
  • Lunches will be on the road or at local restaurants. We gotcha covered!
  • Dinners are always delicious and range from gourmet meals to home cooked meals by the family run hotels. There is always plenty to eat and tasty treats!
  • Transfer from Airport, we’ll pick you up and be ready for you when you arrive.
What is not included in your camp package: 
    • Airline tickets to and from the pick-up (Temuco - ZCO) or drop-off (Puerto Montt - PMC) locations
    • Lodging before or after camp dates 
    • Travel insurance (recommended!)
    • Gratuities for coaches
    • Personal expenses such as laundry, telecommunications, mini bar, spa treatments
Extra days to make your trip extraordinary:
There are a lot of great things you can do after camp. We can help you organize some of the logistics to go visit these amazing areas. 

Extra days might include a hike up Villarica Volcano in Pucon, a day trip to Petrohue Waterfalls, or go check out that scenic island of Chiloe. 

We finish up in Puerto Varas at the end of the camp and there are lots of great things to do there. It’s Dieter Drake’s favorite city in Chile ! Puerto Varas is close to Petrohue and the beautiful waterfalls along with the quaint town of Osorno are about 45 min east. A easy day trip from Puerto Varas to the ferry and then on the Austral Road south. 

Frutillar is right up the road too, which is a cool little German town with a huge performing arts center right on the lake -

Payment information:
Double Occupancy: $3499
Single Occupancy: Additional $500
Alumni Campers: $100 Discount
Early bird Discount: $100   -  if booking by November 1, 2017

A $1000 refundable deposit is due at time of registration. This deposit is refundable up to 90 days prior to the first day of camp. You will be issued a final invoice 28 days before the first day of camp, and final payment is due 21 days before the commencement of your cycling camp; all such payments are final, non-refundable, and non-applicable. Peaks Coaching Group recommends travel insurance in case of emergency cancellation.

Questions? Need more information?

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