Takashi Nakata

Takashi Nakata

  • PCG Japan
  • cycling coach
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Tokyo, Japan

PCG Elite Partner Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Track, CX

CEO - Peaks Coaching Group Japan: www.peakscoachinggroup.jp


I have been racing for twenty-five years in Japan and have also competed in the USA. I have competed in road, track, and cyclocross at national and UCI level events. My inspiration to become a coach came from traveling to northern California at the age of twenty, where I was able to participate in many group rides and races and was impressed by the supportive cycling community. At that time the Japanese racing calendar was sparse, and riders had almost no access to certified coaching and scientific cycling.

I have always wanted to pass on what I experienced in the USA, and I have envisioned helping Japanese riders achieve their potential, but the arrival of the power meter was critical to my decision to become a professional coach. I could now share not only my experiences and knowledge as a racer, but also a quantified and scientific training approach to riders across the globe. I now feel I have the vehicle to pass on advanced training methodology and to help Japanese cycling culture move to a more international level.

Coaching philosophy

I try to take each rider and think about what they are trying to achieve, their genetic potential, and the time they have for training. After clarifying their goals, we try to analyze their strengths, advantages, and limiters. Because there are fewer racing opportunities in Japan, I like to emphasize proper planning, training, and peaking during the season. Unlike in the USA, the lower number and importance of races makes preparation that much more important.

Notable achievements
  • Multiple road and criterium wins (elite and masters)
  • Seven podium finishes at Shimano Suzuka TTT
  • Two podium finishes at Japan Sports Masters
  • Nine time selection to the National Sports Festival
  • Participated in and finished UCI road races
  • Qualified and participated in road, track, and CX nationals
  • Attended 2013 Power-Based Training Clinics in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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