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Q: If I don't have something on hand, or I don't like something, can I substitute something else for it?
A: If the macronutrient profile (calories, grams of carbohydrate/protein/fat) are similar, yes. For example, you can substitute green beans for asparagus, apples for pears, quinoa for oats, chicken for turkey.

Q: If a meal is on the plan for lunch, can I eat it for dinner?
A: Yes, you can move meals around throughout the day, as all lunches are dinners are formulated to be within similar calorie and macronutrient ranges. 

Q: I have a food intolerance, can I still participate?
A: Yes, although this plan does not take into account specific food allergies or intolerances. If you have an issue with a food or food group, you will need to substitute that ingredient on your own or choose a different meal option. If you have several food intolerances or allergies, custom nutrition coaching may be a better option for you. We do have a vegetarian plan as well as the all-foods-included plan. Both plans include gluten free meals for selection.

Q: How many calories will I eat on this plan?
A: The calories will depend on your current and goal body weight. Once you purchase the program, we will lead you through calculations to determine your energy needs to reach your goal weight at the end of the Challenge. The plan is modular so you can pick and choose meal and snack options that fit your daily energy needs.

Q: Will I be really hungry?
A: You should not be really hungry, no. You may find that you are slightly hungrier if you were overeating prior to starting the Challenge but, in general, the feedback is that the foods are filling and satisfying. Participants in last year’s Challenge were generally surprised that they were not hungrier, despite losing the weight.

Q: What if I don't lose 10 pounds?
A: If you calculate your energy needs according to your activity level appropriately at the beginning, AND you are diligent in sticking to the plan, you can lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. This would equate to ~1.5 lb./week loss. If, after one week, you are not on track despite sticking to the plan, you should revisit your energy needs calculation.

Q: What kind of group support is there?
A: You'll have the google group with weekly encouragement, idea sharing, weigh-ins and giveaways, and Q&A with each other, as well as, with our Nutritionist leading the challenge.

Q: Does the plan consider my training and/or racing?
A: Not specifically. The modular meal plan allows you flexibility to take in more calories on days that you are more physically active, and less calories when you're less active. It assumes that you are in a relatively off-season base/build mode - not that you are in a current race season. If you are looking to tightly regulate your nutrition plan with your training/racing, then I would suggest you consider custom nutrition coaching. 

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