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From the beginning, Peaks Coaching Group (PCG) has been working with LEOMO to develop the TYPE-R. 
PCG and LEOMO began working together in 2015. Kaji Kunihiko and his small team of engineers flew to visit Hunter Allen at PCG world headquarters in Bedford, Va. to make a presentation. 

They asked him if a device that measured the motion while pedaling would be valuable to cyclists. They explained their concept to Hunter, who gave them advice and suggestions over lunch. They took these new ideas back to Japan. Kaji continued to send Hunter emails and questions to get his opinion and identify the best way to bring a product like this to market.

A year later, they appeared at his doorstep to show him a prototype, which looked really futuristic. It was exciting to see that the sensors were working and measuring motion. From there, LEOMO and PCG began working together in earnest on: how best to measure this information, what information was important to cyclists, which screens should be used in the head unit, and then how best to graphically display the data. 

In 2016, PCG received beta units to begin using and capturing data, along with helping to debug. These units went out to a very small number of PCG coaches that volunteered to be beta tester/guinea pigs. It was a lot of work, which resulted in a lot MORE questions and some really exciting epiphanies! Two of these were the creation of the Pedal Stroke Intelligence Plot and the Power Cadence Dead Spot Score map. These have become key graphics in helping to understand your “pedaling print”, which like your “finger print”, is unique to you. 

Since the beta program, more and more of our coaches have been using and learning about motion. 

This journey continues today as new and exciting ideas continue to be created and implemented.   

        Why TYPE-R?

The TYPE-R comes with five small, lightweight, rechargeable Bluetooth® sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. Worn on the thighs, feet, and pelvis, the TYPE-R’s motion sensors record the rider’s movement at 100 data points per second, sending the data in real-time to the TYPE-R’s display.

With the ability to connect to ANT+™ based sensors, the head unit will be able to track power, power balance, cadence, speed, and heart rate in addition to Motion Performance Indicators, or MPIs - motion quantified as values. All values can also be shown as graphs, giving the ability to track trends over time.

Upload your activity data from the TYPE-R and access LEOMO’s powerful activity analytics web app to review all your rides. Cross analyze your motion data with power, cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation, and more.


Accurately quantify and track your body’s 3D movements in real-life training and racing environments.


100% portable, wireless device includes a high-resolution color display and five wireless motion sensors.


Powerful real-time graph for trend evaluations of your motion, power, cadence, speed, heart rate, and GPS data.

The LEOMO Link companion app is for setting up and configuring the TYPE-R. LEOMO Link is available for both iOS and Android.
Leomo smart phone application

We are ready to get you started.

Our mission at Peaks Coaching Group is to be your shortcut to fast. Hiring the right coaching service is a big decision so we make the process as easy as possible and are here throughout to help you get exactly what you are looking for.  Review our steps below and let us help you get started today!

Step 1


We offer five coaching levels designed to fit your needs.

Step 2


Schedule a free consultation with our coach coordinator Kate Jenkins, who will answer your questions and help you choose the right package. 

Step 3


Our coach match service pairs you with the best coach to design your custom plan and get you started.

Your Data + Our Coaches = Results

We are the masters of motion analysis and our coaches are the only professionals in the world trained to use and analyze the results of this technology. We have motion analysis certified coaches ready to combine the data collected by the TYPE-R device with your power and heart rate files to identify and improve your pedal stroke and motion efficiency on the bike. 

Custom Coaching

Training Plans


Every athlete’s data is unique and understanding how to use data collected is key. 

Working one-on-one with a coach means building a custom training plan to fit your schedule, goals, and abilities while incorporating the use of the TYPE-R data to ensure maximum results.  
Hunter Allen's pre-built training plans made specifically for the LEOMO TYPE-R, include specific testing protocols and a system for establishing your pedaling print and unique motion while cycling. These easy to follow plans, provide athletes with simple steps to improve their cycling, estimate wasted energy, improve their power, and prevent injury. 
We know athletes need different levels of support getting started with their TYPE-R device. If you are not ready for one-on-one coaching, perhaps a few hours with a coach is all you need. Coaching consultations are available in 60-minute blocks and can be purchased as needed.

LEOMO Certified Coaches

Services List

Why Peaks Coaching Group?

Powerful Coaches
We wrote the book on power training. We have over 50 coaches throughout the world. All our coaches are power certified and the coaches listed above are motion analysis certified. 

Custom Coaching
Our athlete coach coordinator will match you with the best coach for you. Your coach will build the perfect custom plan and training program using your power and motion data to ensure maximum results. 

Powerful Results
Our coaches get powerful results! Our athletes demonstrate an average improvement of 14% in threshold/FTP within 6-8 months. 

Get started today and learn how power and motion analysis can make you faster and stronger. 

Discover more about coaching.

We pride ourselves in taking a personal approach to coaching and the athlete-coach relationship. Our goal is to provide expert-level coaching and consulting to athletes of all abilities and levels. I am Kate Jenkins, the athlete-coach coordinator for Peaks Coaching Group. I’d love to talk with you about coaching and the impact it can make towards increasing your fitness, strength and power. I can offer you advice and suggestions on training and guide you to the best solution to achieve your best season ever! Fill out the form below and we’ll get started. Or send me a Skype message at KateJenkinsPCG

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